About us

We run 20,000 miles of track, 20,000 points, 30,000 signals and 10,000 miles of electrified lines, and we do it every day.

Network Rail owns and operates Britain’s rail infrastructure. That in itself covers a vast network of rail, signals, electrified lines and telecommunications: every day 2.75 million people travel on our network. As a company we formed in 2002, and in that short space of time, we have made enormous progress – but there is still a lot more that we want to achieve. We want Britain’s railways to be a source of pride for the country and a source of inspiration for our people.

So far, our track record has been good. Over the last four years we have achieved our principal safety targets, delivered the most punctual rail network for six years and cut costs significantly. We continue to invest more than £5 billion each year in the network and we continue to develop the engineers and technicians of today and tomorrow. This is a great time to join Network Rail and a great chance to help maintain and improve Britain’s rail infrastructure.

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