Do you have a little everyday brilliance?

If you’ve got that, you can apply. Then, if we think you’ve got the right skills, we’ll invite you to a selection day. These will run from March to May 2007 and will be held at a major town or city near you. At this event, we’ll measure your mechanical and technical understanding as well as look at your numeracy skills. You will also take part in a group exercise to ensure you have the right personal qualities for a career with Network Rail.

If you are successful at the selection day, we will call you for a final interview. There will also be a medical and a drugs and alcohol screening. Pass those and you will then be offered a place on our Advanced Apprenticeship Scheme. Before you start, you’ll have the chance to spend a day at HMS Sultan and HMS Collingwood in July and August to see the facilities and meet the team.

Before you do apply, it’s important you understand what is involved in a career with Network Rail. Such is the importance of the job that we have a strict policy on drugs and alcohol. Remember, this is an outdoors job that often requires a good level of physical fitness. So you should be prepared for that as well. We will give you a full medical: this includes sight and hearing checks to make sure you meet our rigorous safety standards and we will also request information from your doctor on any pre-existing medical condition, such as diabetes or for which medicines are being prescribed. If you do not meet our medical conditions, we cannot employ you. Moreover if you fail to disclose them at this stage, we will have to withdraw the offer.