Electrification & Plant

It's your line, you'll keep power flowing through it and keep thousands of trains moving. And you'll do it every day.

40% of our network is electrified and over 60% of all rail traffic is electric. So you can imagine the size and importance of our work. We not only maintain the power for these overhead lines and the electrified rail, we also have to make sure everything is done safely and efficiently. In addition, we take responsibility for all our fixed plant, including the generators, pumps and electrical supply systems.

Electrification & Plant can be divided into three areas: Contact Systems – which allows the train to pick up electrical current; Distribution – where we make sure that the power gets from the National Grid to the train; and Plant – which is all the fixed machinery that is used trackside to keep the railway running. In fact, there is a wide range of work, and you'll get a good general insight into much of what we do. Also E&P is a massive part of our infrastructure – overall we use 1% of the electricity generated in the UK.

As you might imagine, you'll be outdoors working with your hands – but also working with your mind. That's why we need people who can think about a problem as well as deliver the work.