Electrification & Plant –
What you'll do

During the scheme you will work across a number of different areas to learn about the different facets of our network and become skilled in various disciplines.

Contact Systems

There are various tasks here. You could be measuring the height and stagger of Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) to make sure the OLE is aligned properly. If there's an incident, you may be called upon to help get the line re-opened. All the time we carry out lineside inspections and repairs to ensure equipment is always working correctly. We also have to check and fix the bonding cables (the ones that lie on the ballast); and when engineering work is to be carried out, we have to carry out the isolations and earthings to make sure work can be done safely.


This involves everything from installing and maintaining electrical supplies (mainly for overhead lines or conductor rails) and testing high-voltage protection systems, to inspecting and maintaining high and low voltage power supply equipment – such as transformers, switchgear and cables. With the electrical supply operating in so many different areas, you could be working everywhere from swing bridges to signal boxes.


We also operate a large range of electrical and mechanical line side equipment to support the network. This includes electrical point heating to ensure that points do not freeze in winter; standby generators for back-up power for signalling equipment and control centres, track and tunnel drainage pumping systems; and electrical supplies to equipment rooms and signal boxes.