It's your length of track, you'll keep it safe and keep 20,000 miles of it running. And you'll do it every day.

Track engineering is all about managing the tracks on which the trains run; and with 20,000 miles of track and 20,000 points, it is a constant and around-the-clock job to make sure we continue to have a safe and efficient network. Your job will be to help inspect, assess, maintain and renew the track; and with day, night and weekend shifts, you could be out on the track at all times and in all weathers. But that is what our apprentices enjoy.

The main focus of the job is to make sure that the rails are stable and aligned smoothly – vertically and horizontally. Every piece of the infrastructure must be able to cope with the speed and axle weight of the train, as well as deal with high summer temperatures or freezing winter conditions – and the dispersal of rainwater.

As you develop, you'll learn specialist skills in everything from techniques for inspecting rails, ultrasonic testing to site surveys and maintenance and repair of crossings. This will come from a mixture of classroom, work-based and practical learning, all designed to equip you to be a successful track technician of the future.